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My Fitness Journey Blog: No Excuses #1

No Excuses Blog

Now there’s No Excuse!

There are two ways to start 2019; with the preparation of New Year’s resolutions accompanied by a “New Year, New Me” attitude or trying to cure a hangover.  Either way, a lot of us set ourselves the goal to lead a healthier lifestyle in the coming year. Many will accomplish these goals and ambitions for the year ahead but some of us create excuses to give up on our health and fitness goals such as; it’s too expensive, I might not fit in, I won’t know what to do, or it’s too far away.

Ditch these excuses right now because Falkirk Community Trust (FCT) is welcoming, inclusive and helpful, with a range of flexible packages to suit everyone. Make 2019 the year to BE THE BEST YOU.

If I can do it, anyone can.  

A Bit about Me

Firstly, welcome to my new blog! I recently started working for FCT as a digital marketer and I’m thoroughly enjoying it. As part of my new role I’ve been working on FCT’s new fitness campaign “Be the Best You” and it’s really inspired me to embrace a new healthy lifestyle.  I’m a 25 year old male who’s always dreamed of having a body like Jason Momoa or pretty much any super hero.  I think it would be fair to say I currently resemble a body type more similar to Ricky Gervais (no offence Ricky) or some may call it a ‘dad bod’.  I’ve dabbled with the gym in the past but it never seemed to click and as soon as I found my feet I also found McDonald’s. I’m no stranger to the odd cigarette or a night out and I currently only exercise when my doorbell goes for the next takeaway. Alright, I’m exaggerating a little but I’m not in shape at all and have struggled to keep up a regular exercise and diet routine.

What better way to encourage people to join the gym than personally challenging myself to do it? In order to complete my blog I need to go to the gym. So, I’ve really no excuse.

 I’m going to be joining the Stenhousemuir gym on the 8th of January. This is my first blog and I aim to write weekly and will post every Friday. I hope it inspires others to believe they too can make it to the gym! I hope you’ll follow me through the ups and downs of my new fitness journey and I look forward to hearing your stories too.

No January Joining Fee

Joining a gym can be expensive, Christmas has just been and if you’re like me you’ve overspent on presents, food and celebrations.  Then it was New Year and you’ve spent a lot on… STOP! We’re making excuses again. Thankfully FCT understands money can be an obstacle towards our fitness goals and have abolished their joining fees for the whole month of January. This saves each of us £17.50 when signing up to a new gym membership. Not bad, and that’s just the start.

You may be thinking, “What about monthly memberships”? FCT have got you covered again with memberships ranging from £12.50 per month for teens and £32 for adults.

I spend a lot of money every month on fast food. It literally doesn’t bare thinking about. I’ve decided that if I can cut this down to one ‘cheat meal’ per month I can afford the gym no problem and I’ll be able to save more money per month than I normally would have.

All 4 Clubs

Location, Location, Location isn’t just a TV show. I’ve used repetition to really highlight the importance of geographical location to potential new gym members like myself.  Now, I don’t know about you, but I prefer my gyms within a walking distance as I like to relish my cardio within the warmth of a building. I don’t want to run to the gym! How absurd?!

Joking aside, I don’t want to travel far to frequent the gym and FCT have the answer with 4 gym facilities easily located throughout the Falkirk area; Stenhousemuir Gym, Mariner Centre (Camelon), Grangemouth Sports Complex and Bo’ness Recreation Centre. Each gym has state of the art equipment, a range of classes to suit different needs and friendly expert staff. If you’re lucky enough to visit Bo’ness, Grangemouth or Mariner then you will have the luxury of taking a dip in one of the indoor pools as well. Location is no longer an excuse as a membership with FCT will give you access to all 4 gyms.

For example, I work at the Falkirk Stadium and most days I will pop into Grangemouth Sports Complex because it’s close to my work and it’s got a pool and a sauna. However, when I’m not pretending to be Michael Phelps I will be at Stenhousemuir because that’s near where I live.

Best Qualified Staff in Town

For some, 2019 may be the very first time you will have entered a gym and the whole experience can be overwhelming and a little daunting. I know I’m feeling a little nervous. There are lots of new faces, lots of exercises you might not have seen before and that can be intimidating. Relax. It’s ok.

Everyone feels the same when walking into a new environment for the first time and even Mr. Schwarzenegger had to start somewhere.  Perhaps Arnold isn’t the best example as people join FCT gyms for lots of different reasons, such as; burning fat, help putting on weight,  to get toned, to build muscle, help with mobility issues, maintain a healthy lifestyle or even to make some new friends. No matter what your goals are at the gym FCT staffs are on hand to offer their support and guidance. Custom gym programs are available as well as custom meal plans and dietary tips from members of the FCT team who are experts in what they do. What really makes them the best is their willingness to help, so don’t be afraid to ask questions. You’ll always be welcome at FCT gyms so, strike nerves off the list of excuses because whatever your goals or background may be FCT is here to help.

200 Different Classes

One thing is for sure, you won’t be bored at a FCT gym. In fact, there are roughly around 200 different classes available. Each class has a unique purpose and an even more unique name, such as; GRIT Cardio, Bodybalance, Aquafit or a class whose name would make my mother blush ‘Bodypump’. There really is something for everyone and each class is instructed by one of FCT’s expert members of staff. Most classes last an hour but there are express classes which last half an hour, another way that FCT can suit you on days you may be short on time.   

To see a full list of available classes head to the FCT website

Now there’s no excuse to join the gym. Come and join us and Be the Best You with FCT this New Year.

If you’ve enjoyed reading this please let me know by liking, commenting or sharing. Follow my blog as I discuss my journey from “what to wear”, “time management” and “how I feel after my first week”.  I’ll also share any top tips I learn along the way. Mr. Universe, watch out, I’m coming for you.

Published on Tuesday, 8th January 2019


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