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My Fitness Blog: My First Week #2

My fitness blog

I was very anxious about my first day in the gym and I couldn’t stop thinking about it. What do I wear? Who will be there? Will I get made fun of? What do I even do at a gym?! All of these questions were building up in my head as the time loomed ever nearer to my 6:30pm induction at FCT’s Stenhousemuir Gym. Of course I was nervous, I hadn’t been in a gym for years and to make it worse I’d just signed myself up to write a fitness blog! 

However, I mustered the courage and took the first steps on my fitness journey , which I hope you’ll follow me on.

Honestly, I shouldn’t have worried at all because the staff at FCT made me very welcome. To get started I was placed on an induction and this was led by fitness instructor David, who was great.  David really set my mind at ease as he gave me a tour of the building including all of the equipment, machines, changing rooms, and toilets and where the classes are held. 

Beforehand, I had some preconceptions because I couldn’t see a large amount of free weight information and this was something I was keen on doing at the gym. During my tour, David explained that everything I needed was right there in the gym and guided me through the equipment and how I could perform my desired exercises within the gym. 

That’s something I was really impressed with; whatever the questions I asked, David had an answer but not only did he tell me, he showed me and guided me through my proposed routines. 

After the tour, David sat down and we discussed what I wanted from the gym, what the gym can do for me and then I had to fill in some paperwork. I plan to go into more detail in next week’s blog about what my workout plan is. David mentioned that there are personal training plans available but I decided to give myself free reins for a week and get a taste of the different equipment available. I will get a personal programme over the next few weeks and will blog about how that goes as well.  

Once David had finished our induction I was let loose on the gym. What struck me straight away was the vast amount of people from all walks of life and every single person trying to meet their personal fitness goals and all doing a wide and diverse set of exercises.  It was really encouraging to see such diversity and there seemed to be a great deal of support and community within the gym. 

Whilst still in awe of the inclusivity I decided to climb aboard the treadmill and begin my first week. Over the next few days I got a glimpse of the FCT gym lifestyle and I’ve got to say I’m feeling great. I’ve got one more session tonight and I think I’ll go for a swim tomorrow morning! Moving forward, I plan to get personal and set some goals and really go for it in the gym. My fitness to-do-list is getting bigger and bigger! 

If you need any more encouragement you can catch Falkirk Community Trust’s Fitness Co-ordinator Lynn on Central FM next Friday the 18th of Jan at 9am. 

I hope you’re enjoying my blog so far and next week will focus on my workout routine and what I’ve been doing at the gym. Remember, no matter what your fitness goals are Be The Best You at FCT.

Published on Friday, 11th January 2019


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