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My Fitness Blog: When's Best to go to the Gym? #6

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I’ve been back at the gym for 3 weeks straight now since I recovered from illness and to be honest, I’m really starting to love it. I think I’ve caught the ‘gym bug’! Although I’m now really motivated there was a time when I couldn’t be bothered, and I hated the routine. Previously, I was attending the gym at 5:30/6pm, Monday to Friday, and it just wasn’t fitting into my lifestyle and I knew I had to make a change.

Since beginning this blog and my fitness journey, I had considered whether I could brave a pre-work morning session. I’ve never particularly been a morning person, I like to lie in bed for as long as possible and hold onto the warmth. I had my routine; go to work for 9am, work till 5pmand then hit the gym straight after work. However, this led to my whole day having a shadow looming over it - the inevitability that I couldn’t relax after work or socialise as I had to go to the gym. I wasn’t looking forward to going and would have to really force myself to go to the gym and not just head home.

5/6pm is also one of the busiest times to attend the gym as everyone catches up with their fitness routines after their hard days work. This meant car parking spaces were at a premium. Once I was in the gym I had to work my programme and routine around the equipment which was free and often I found myself waiting around whilst all the equipment I needed was in use. It speaks volumes for FCT that their facilities are so busy and popular but 5pm just wasn’t working for me.

I was two weeks into this routine when I took ill and I was bed bound for a week. I wasn’t too disappointed to have to miss the gym as I was feeling a bit demotivated. I planned to take this opportunity to reassess how I wanted to proceed with my fitness journey. I eventually came to the conclusion that I was going to have to sacrifice my long lies and get to the gym bright and early, 6:30am! Initially, I was actually really motivated, and the first couple weeks flew in and I felt great. I found a parking spot straight away; the gym was busy but not to the point where I had to wait on equipment and once it was over I knew it was done and it was out of the way for the day ahead.

What I did find with this change of timing is that I initially felt weaker. I like to focus my routine around weights and when going in the morning I wasn’t able to lift the same amount I had been doing previously. Well, not in the first week. When going into week 2 and certainly 3 I found my body adapting to the change and I was lifting heavier weights than I had done previously and even improving my cardio times as well.

Going to the gym early in the morning can be daunting and the idea off-putting but I found that my energy levels have increased throughout the day, I feel more awake and I get to have my nights for myself with the knowledge I’ve put the time in for my body and mind already. I’m not suggesting this is for everyone because we’re all different and I’d advise, from my own experience, to not be afraid of mixing things up and trying something which at first thought is off putting or intimidating because sometimes it turns out to be great and a better fit than before for your goals!

I hope you’ve been enjoying my fitness journey! We’re always interested in hearing your fitness stories and would love for you to reach out and let us know how you’ve been getting on and some of the success you’ve achieved and the challenges you’ve faced. If you’d like to get involved, email me at: oliver.kitchen@falkirkcommunitytrust.org

Published on Friday, 22nd February 2019


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