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My Fitness Blog: Do you do resistance training? #7

I’ve finished my first month of training with FCT and I’m feeling great! I’ve lost around 1 stone of weight and reduced my body fat by around 2%. A huge part of my workout routine is resistance training. Resistance training, aka strength or weight training is defined as using resistance to contract muscles and build strength, endurance and size of your muscles.

There are lots of different types of resistance training including free weights such as the classic dumbbells, barbells, or kettlebells. However, there’s a whole host of other activities you can include:

  • Medicine balls or sand bags
  • Resistance bands
  • Suspension Equipment
  • Your own body weight
  • Machine weights

There are several health benefits to be gained from including some form of resistance training into your weekly routine but here’s a few more:

  • Improved muscle strength and tone
  • Maintain flexibility and balance
  • Burn fat
  • Can help with medical conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, arthritis, back pain and depression
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved sleep


When I first started using the gym I was a little unsure of how to do the exercises and didn’t want to look silly or worse hurt myself! If you want to get started then contact one of the members of FCT staff at the gym and they can provide you with a programme and talk you through each exercise to make sure you’re receiving the maximum efficiency and reducing risk to yourself. 

If you’ve been doing resistance training for some time but you’d like to mix things up then the expert staff at FCT gyms can help as well. Remember, it’s important to shake up your programme once every 6-8 weeks.

I hope you’re enjoying my blog and if you’ve got a fitness story then please share it with me I’d love to hear how you’re getting on! Contact: oliver.kitchen@falkirkcommunitytrust.org

Published on Friday, 1st March 2019


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