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My Fitness Blog: Is personal training worth it? #10

I can’t believe I’m 4 months into my fitness journey, and there have certainly been some ups and downs! I’m really proud of myself for sticking it out and taking the step to change my lifestyle for the better. I felt after a few months that I’d started to plateau and needed some fresh ideas, self assurance and motivation. In steps a personal trainer (PT).

I’ve been working with my PT for a week now and I already feel the benefits. I’ve completely overhauled my workout routine, my diet and my thought process. For me, it’s nice to have someone to fall back on for advice and encouragement. It has been a big change but I’m already reaping the reward which is a great feeling.

The workout I was doing previously wasn’t tailored to my goals and I didn’t know how to get to the next step, how to get to that next level. Now, I have a programme which is tailored to fat loss and incorporates some strength training. It’s really set me down a path which allows me to see the potential within myself and I’m over the moon. It’s a little longer than my previous plan so I’m having to wake up even earlier! Apart from some minor sleep deprivation I’m thoroughly enjoying it.

As you’ll know if you’ve read my previous blog entries, food is something I struggle with and making healthy choices or eating healthily isn’t something I’m naturally good at.  My PT, along with a new workout routine, helped me focus on how I am fuelling my body and making healthier chouces which worked around my goals and I finally don’t feel like I’m eating too much or too little. I have had to make some sacrifices such as my weekly cheat meal but I’m sure I can manage without. My plan is focused around eating small portions but quite often throughout the day and I have, at the moment, 5 meals a day. It sounds like a lot but it’s actually really easy to eat that often when the portion sizes are smaller.

I have struggled with  meal prepping and it’s not something I normally like to do but with working a 9-5 I have to have my two meals ready for the working day. After a couple days of prepping I started to get used to it and now it’s not something I worry about and it’s part of my daily routine.

Overall, I’m really happy with my results so far and I’m on the way to smashing my goals. I hope your journey is going well and I’m always happy to hear how you’re getting on.

If you’ve got a fitness story let me know in the comments below or email: oliver.kitchen@falkirkcommunitytrust.org

Have a great weekend!

Published on Thursday, 4th April 2019


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