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Arts Consultation Plan

In Spring 2016, we consulted with the community, our customers, artists and arts practitioners based on the area, our stakeholders and national arts agencies on the Arts Plan 2016-21 for the Falkirk area.

The consultation was around a series of questions inviting comment and observation on:

  • our analysis of current arts provision and activity in the area
  • the identification of key issues facing the different sectors involved in arts provision
  • our proposal for a shared vision and mission along with a number of objectives for the arts in the area over the next 5 years
  • our proposed shared approach to arts delivery including the establishment of an Arts Network to help drive ambitions for a vibrant and sustainable arts offer in the area.

We also invited further views from consultees around how important they thought the arts are and how we might collectively measure and highlight the impact of the arts; whether consultees felt there were enough arts venues in the Falkirk area and what as an area we should be doing to protect existing levels of funding and investment.

In summary, we found a general consensus that the Plan was positive and forward thinking but acknowledgement that it was being produced in a particularly challenging climate, not least financially. Improved partnership working was welcomed as a way forward and stakeholders had a range of ideas about further collaborative working.

There were some concerns, particularly from the independent arts sector, about the retention of professional arts practitioners in the area. Equally, some of the responses from the local voluntary and community sector raised issues of working in isolation. Respondents also noted that opportunities for the arts within the growing tourism sector in Falkirk area as well as the opportunities that digital technology offers should be highlighted further in the Plan.

The consultation process has been both inspiring and informative. As a result of the consultation we have made some revisions to the Arts Delivery Plan 2016-2021 (PDF, 457KB)

We are currently working with Falkirk Council Officers towards approval of the Plan by Falkirk Council Executive. Meantime, we would like to take this opportunity to thank all those individuals, groups, clubs and organisations who contributed to the consultation process. We are keen to continue those conversations started about the Arts in the area and ensure that the momentum established around working towards the new approach that we are proposing in the Plan continues.

If you require any further information at this stage, please contact Falkirk Community Trust at hello@falkirkcommunitytrust.org.


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