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Exhibitions and events

The Park Gallery on the ground floor and the 2nd Floor Galleries at Callendar House play host to a changing programme of exhibitions throughout the year.

Our temporary exhibitions policy means that you might see some of the fascinating items we have in the museum collection on display, or be able to enjoy an exhibition of work created as part of our access and outreach projects.

We also aim to bring a diverse range of touring exhibitions into the Falkirk area, allowing the opportunity to see work you might otherwise have to travel to the larger Scottish cities to enjoy.

Permanent Display in Callendar House Falkirk

'Falkirk Crucible of Revolution 1750-1850' looks at how Scotland's Industrial Revolution began in Falkirk with the establishment of Carron Ironworks in 1759. It examines the technological, environmental and social changes that took place in the area in the century after, and at the legacy this has left to present and future generations.

Valentine Pop Up Exhibitionat Callendar House

Valentine's Day means it's the time for love and romance, and Callendar House is offering another opportunity for you to see the marvellous Valentine papercut created by Tessa Asquith-Lamb for her recent exhibition at Callendar House, inspired by a papercut in our own Collection, which is also on view.

Upon coming across the original Valentine, Tessa said "When I found this astonishingly complex piece of folk art by H.Knox (1870) in the art store here in Callendar House I couldn’t believe my luck. As a maker of paper-cuts and silhouettes I was happy to find this complex and beautiful example from the past. I decided to make my own versions of this pretty early on in the project and through doing so appreciated just how much of a labour of love making the original must have been. The paper circle is folded into six sections but there is no way you can cut through this many pieces of paper at once, so it has to have been made a couple of layers at a time. Each section is also mostly symmetrical too, so there’s another fold to work on. My own versions reference the layout and measurements of this original. The original maker lived nearby in Camelon. In his very detailed poem he not only expresses his love for Isabel, but carefully details all the crowns, trees and hearts, people and peacocks he has spent hours cutting out and painting. He also mentions 'The Reform Bill will soon be past’. As this bill to give more working men the vote was passed in 1867 maybe it took him several years to finish the Valentine!"

‘An artist looking on lovely things feels lovely’
Valentine, paper-cut by Tessa Asquith-Lamb

This version of the Valentine includes several of the features of the original plus Tessa’s own additions based on the objects in the collection. These include the house itself, the moon phase from the clock face upstairs, the little dog jumping up at the terracotta statue of truth, and the owl and moon from the Pierrot costume. It is also pierced by hand to create texture. Making pricked paper pictures was a common pastime in the 18th century.

Paper-cut Valentine to Callendar House by Tessa Asquith-Lamb

This is Tessa’s version of H. Knox’s complex circular paper-cut of 1870. Her poem echoes the original with lots of changes to reflect the objects she included from her work here on the collections at Callendar House:

An Artist makes you this, who hopes you won’t take it amiss.
Past lovers made their Valentines, but this one is a work of mine.
Echoes of past things and lives cut with care and tiny knives.
In attics, halls and tall grand spaces, I found these things to put in cases.
And some of them, so full of heart, have made their way into my art.
On the outer edge appears in view, four gentlemen and ladies too,
The foxes four with bushy tails, have brought me here to tell some tales.
16 green hearts encircling far, surround the House of Callendar.
The moon’s pale face in starlit sky, from treasured clock face here espy.
The moon and owl in blackest night, once danced in Christmas party light.
The little dog jumps up by day, beside his mistress made of clay.
In the centre are love hearts enew, four red and four blue.
Now drawing near my story’s end, I style myself your loving friend.
Yes I’ve loved my time spent here, this said most constant and sincere.
The artist appears in the final part, surrounded by her works of art.

This as a testimony of sincere love was made at Callendar House by Tessa Asquith-Lamb in the year 2018. Based on the Valentine made by H. Knox 1870.

Visitors to Callendar House can view the Valentines until Mon 6 May.

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