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Memorial, Reflection, Restoration

Throughout Britain the First World War had a huge impact as thousands of young men, most in the prime of life, left their jobs, their homes, and their families, in an act of uncritical patriotism. Many would not return.

The initial public response to the war was rather mute as it was thought that it would be over by Christmas. Slowly things became scarcer with food shortages. Industry switched to a war footing. Casualties mounted. Life still went on – the vital and the humdrum.

Progressive local attitudes can be seen in the pages of the Falkirk Herald and in the archives of everyday life. Find out more in our Collections Browser.

Throughout the period of the centenary Falkirk Community Trust will be hosting a range of events providing a local reflection of national events.

Falkirk Community Trust is compiling a list of local men, and women, who served in the armed forces and associated services, such as nursing. This is not only for those who died, but also the battle-scarred heroes that returned. The former are easier to find – their names occurring on one or more of the memorials and rolls of honour that are to be found in town and village centres, in churches, masonic lodges, schools and industrial premises If you have any information on any of these people please contact us.

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