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Muiravonside Sculpture Trail

Muiravonside Country Park is a fantastic place to find out about our natural world and as you follow our new Sculpture trail you will see beautiful views and read about the environment on our interpretation panels next to the sculpture pieces. Each piece is inscribed with an excerpt from a poem from Kenneth Stephen's book of children's poetry 'Imagining Things'.

The trail is suitable for all ages and from the 31st of January 2016 you'll be able to pick up a map which shows you the route as you enter the trail.

photo of entrance to the sculpture trail


As you walk this path today
May there be plenty fun and play:
Just don't forget that all around,
Up above and on the ground -

There are swallows, there are wrens,
Hidden creatures in their dens;
A silent owl may glide right by,
Or a buzzard soaring high.

Be sure your senses are awake
For every movement they may make;
All that you may see and hear,
Keep safe and sound and sharp and clear.

Kenneth Steven


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